Aug. 7, 2018

Managing Your 'Managed' Services

Steven Wilson

I recently took a call from a business owner who had been sold Managed Services several months ago and had inadvertently discovered her backups had not been working for several weeks. She called us asking about our services and how they differed from what she was currently getting. Her concern was that no one was checking their backups and that she needed someone like an account manager to communicate with to make sure backups and other services were actually taking place.

I went on to talk about reporting and accountability but after the call ended I realized I hadn't really communicated exactly what I wanted to get across.

Managed Services is a very broad umbrella. Any technically saavy individual can set up an office and offer 'Managed' services by bundling a few products together and setting up recurring invoicing.

But from my perspective, Managed Services is not just a set of services that we expect our clients to manage.

Managed Services should be just that, a suite of services with the management outsourced so you can focus on your business, not your backups.

If you feel like you have to manage your Managed Services, you probably aren't getting what you paid for.