July 27, 2018

Customer Satisfaction Results May-July 2018

Steven Wilson

July 2018 Customer Satisfaction

May-July Customer Service Scores

How It Works

Every 'Ticket Completed' e-mail goes out with a simple survey where our customers can provide us valuable feedback.

Customer Feedback Buttons

The results go to the account manager for that client, not directly to the technician, so our clients feel free to critique the engagement.

This feedback loop helps us to tweak our solutions and provides valuable feedback to our service delivery team.

What Gets Measured Gets Improved

We believe in the data, and in making data driven decisions.

Customer satisfaction survey's help us gauge our clients overall happiness with our work. They also provide great feedback on individual technician performance.

Whether you feel you had an outstanding experience or you think we have room for improvement, please take a quick minute to provide us feedback.


"Thank you guys so much for your help with this new phone set up, we really appreciate your great customer service!! -Shelli

"Everyone is always super helpful." -Kelli

"Justin is awesome!" -Sherri